Capital Area REALTORS Fund

A fund established within the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln

Based upon the recommendation of a special task force of past-presidents in 2007 made up of the Capital Area Association of REALTORS®® established a Donor-Advised fund within the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln (CFLL) and named it “The Capital Area REALTORS®” fund. To get the fund started CAAR provided $5,000 in seed money. The purpose of this fund is to “enhance the quality of life in the capital area.” This fund is intended for the overall betterment of our community and to enhance the quality of life that it offers. This definition is overly broad but the group did not want to limit the possibilities. Examples of possible uses could be parks and recreation, affordable housing and scholarships, to name a few. How can CAAR members contribute to this fund?
  • cash contributions can be made at any time;
  • donations of stocks are also acceptable; or,
  • the voluntary recommended contribution as indicated on the annual membership dues billing can also be made.
Download flyer and contribution form here.

How will money be distributed from this fund?

An advisory group consisting of CAAR’s Chief Executive Officer and the four most immediate past-presidents of CAAR is established for the purpose of recommending to the CAAR Board of Directors distributions from the fund. The CAAR Board of Directors then makes a recommendation to the CFLL which oversees the fund. However, because this fund is in its infancy it is unlikely that any disbursements will be made in the near term.

What is the Sangamon County Foundation?

Formed initially in 1924 and reorganized in 2002 into a community foundation. Today the Foundation is a family of charitable funds. The Foundation is both a grant maker and partner in supporting the philanthropy of hundreds of area residents. Its mission is to serve the community through philanthropy, to provide leadership in meeting charitable needs and to be a responsible steward to its donors and of its endowment. With endowments totaling over $3 million, the Foundation is a resource for present and future generations. Through it, the combined gifts of many people are meeting current needs and creating a lasting legacy of generations to come. Learn more about CFLL at