Getting Your License

Managing Broker


  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and of good moral character
  • Licensed for at least 2 out of the 3 prior years as a Broker
  • Hold a high school degree or equivalent
  • Complete 165 hours of pre-license education (120 are Broker pre-license hours) 
  • Complete 45 more hours in the year before applying for a Managing Broker's license
    • 30 of the 45 hours focused on brokerage administration and management
    • 15 hours in classroom or other interactive delivery method
  • Pass both the course exam and the state licensing exam
  • Fill out the application with sponsor card and pay applicable fees
(**Illinois attorneys in good standing are exempt from the pre-licensing education requirements but not from the state exam.)

Managing Broker License FAQs

Q: Does a Broker who would like to sponsor themselves and open up a one person office need to hold a Managing Broker's license? 
A:Yes. Brokers who would like to be self-sponsoring, sole proprietors must hold a Managing Broker's license. 

Q:  Is a partner required to hold a Managing Broker's license or can they hold a Broker's license? 
A: Any partner who engages in real estate brokerage business in a licensed real estate partnership must be a Managing Broker or Broker. In an LLP or LLC, any partners or members who engage in real estate brokerage business must hold a Managing Broker or Broker license. If a licensed real estate brokerage entity is owned by a Broker licensee(s), there must be a Managing Broker licensee in place to manage the real estate brokerage business of that entity.



  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age 
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent 
  • Have a sponsoring managing broker or firm 
  • Successfully complete a total of 90 credit hours of pre-license education 
  • Pass a state licensing exam 
  • Complete post-license education before your first renewal

General Post-Licensing Requirements

Brokers are required to complete a 30-hour state post-license requirement before their first renewal.

Additional Licensing Information

  • Minimum passing grade on both final exams is 75%
  • After receiving your transcript, call AMP at 800.345.6559 to schedule your state final exam
  • A 30-hour post-licensing course is required before your first license renewal
  • 120 course hours are required (90-hour Pre-Licensing, 30-hour Post Licensing)
  • The minimum age of 21 will be waived if all of the following are true:
    • The applicant is at least 18
    • Able to provide evidence of successful completion of at least 4 semesters of post-secondary school as a full-time student or the equivalent
    • Course study must have major emphasis on real estate courses
    • Courses were taken at an Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation approved school

Pre-License Education Options

  • Course Schedule (None scheduled)
  • Online Pre-License Courses