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Copyright Notice. Please note that these forms are intended exclusively for the use of REALTOR® members of the Capital Area REALTORS®.  Use of CAR forms and contracts is an exclusive benefit of CAR REALTOR® members.  This permitted use is ONLY allowed in the context of providing brokerage services.  REALTORS® who provide a CAR form or contract to either party to a real estate transaction without providing brokerage services in connection with the use of that form or contract is violating CAR’s terms of use.   This is irrespective of whether the REALTOR® is being compensated. 

Unlawful use or copying of CAR’s forms and contracts as outlined above constitute copyright infringement in violation of United States copyright laws.  Under 17 U.S.C. 504, consequences of copyright infringement include statutory damages of between $750 and $30,000 per work and damages of up to $150,000 per work for willful infringement.  Any violation of CAR’s copyright will be vigorously pursued.  These are for the use of REALTORS® only - please do not give out to the public.

Important message from CAR Legal Counsel Pat Joyce regarding unlawful practice of law